Things Your Divorce Attorney Wants to Tell You but Doesn’t

The relationship you have with your attorney is sacrosanct. When you maintain a legal representative, whether for a divorce or another concern, the attorney is fairly charged with holding what you state to him/her as personal. That means your attorney can not talk about your case in public or to 3rd parties without your authorization.

Put yourself in your attorney’s shoes. How would you manage yourself in your case? Chances are it is not a simple circumstance. And, unless you hired a lawyer who just graduated law school, you’re not your attorney’s only customer. I know you don’t wish to hear that, however … it’s real.

Divorce lawyers strive to achieve favorable and fair outcomes for their clients. Excellent clients value the effort, even if things do not constantly work out the way they hoped. Numerous customers are never delighted, win or lose, and are not scared to let their attorney know it. After all, who wishes to spend all that cash and seem like they lost? I get it.

Here are 5 things your lawyer truly wishes to inform you but doesn’t since he desires to keep the relationship and keep you as a client. You’re much better off understanding this however because it will affect your relationship with your lawyer and the worth he/she provides to you.

1. You call frequently. It’s true … you do. If you get your legal costs at the end of the month and you are astonished at how high it is … the culprit many times is the number of a telephone call made to your attorney. The majority of attorneys charge on an hourly basis, which is mentioned in your retainer arrangement. Customers pay for a lawyer’s time.

Your attorney is not your therapist, although I play one on t.v. I always inform clients I will talk with you as long as you desire but don’t be surprised when you get the costs. I comprehend the client’s requirement to vent and talk it out. It’s very crucial, but that’s more the task of a therapist. If you’re going to invest cash, may to do so to a certified expert therapist.

Your lawyer will contact you when he/she requirements something from you. There are periods in every case where absolutely nothing is going on and there is down time. Your lawyer ought to give you regular updates on the status of things and it’s ok to sign in yourself, however daily calls are unnecessary and just run up your expense.

Try to handle little disputes with your spouse by yourself. Then, if you can’t resolve it, think about how bad it really is and whether it’s worth it to include your lawyer. Great lawyers will inform their customers that something is unworthy the expense of their time to eliminate it. In the end, it’s the client’s decision, however again … do not complain when you get a high expense.

2. You don’t help him assist you. Remember, your lawyer is YOUR supporter, even if you do not constantly feel that’s the case. Nevertheless, he is not a mind reader. Your lawyer can only work with what you inform him and what files you provide him to support what you inform him. He can not make it rain when the sun is out if you understand what I imply.

My finest clients are the ones who come to me prepared. I mean, they come to a meeting with a binder, organized with tabs for bank accounts, pension, credit card declarations and any other files I request for or they believe I will need. This reduces the time I require to go through them and discover what I’m looking for … which in turn reduces their expense!

Other times, clients just do not listen to what their lawyer tells them to do. Keep in mind, the attorney charges for their time. The more time you make them invest in your case, or repeating themselves to you, the greater your expense will be.

Assist your attorney help you!

3. You don’t listen to his advice when he offers it, so what’s the point? I had a case that involved a high conflict custody disagreement. I told my customer how to manage a specific situation when it showed up and what occurs? I get a call from this client to discover they did the specific opposite of what I informed them and now they remained in a pickle and expected me to get them out of it. I felt bad, BUT, if they had actually listened to me they wouldn’t remain in this scenario.

Lawyers expect clients to listen to them. That’s why they are there. If you as a customer didn’t wish to listen to your attorney, why did you employ them to begin with?

4. He can’t continue to represent you because you are not paying his expenses. Attorneys are not free. They get paid for provide you with their time, understanding and services. Now, it’s frequently the case in a divorce that cash is tight and most lawyers are dedicated to this, however they have to pay their expenses too and can’t work for totally free.

You can’t expect them to work for complimentary. You don’t stroll into a store and anticipate taking what you desire and not pay, right?

You need to communicate with your attorney on a regular basis and if the money ends up being an issue, have that discussion. But, don’t ask your lawyer to rush and file an emergency application due to the fact that your ex is threatening not to provide you the kids on your weekend if you haven’t been paying your legal costs.

5. You picked to have kids and now you have to parent them, either with your ex or alone. If I had to bet, I would say that a person of the factors you are getting divorced, or currently divorced is since of conflicts with your spouse over parenting. It’s extremely typical and one of the more difficult phases of a divorce. There is no chance of navigating it though … you have to co-parent successfully with your ex, or you will be knee deep in court battles and dispute for several years to come.

Pick the Right Law Firm to Incorporate your Business

Pick the Right Law Firm to Incorporate your Business

For many businesses and corporations, looking for and hiring a law firm may be a process that is tiresome and intimidating. You will be able to find several resources to find great law firms for starting businesses, and several resources with regards to using lawyers to attain the desired results. The right law firm will protect your intellectual and financial property, support your business efforts, get the risks minimized, and save money for you down the line. As a matter of fact, no startup company will be able to go without a law firm. In order to hire and work with a law company, there are some things that should be kept in mind.

Consulting and listening: Regardless of the kind of law company that you want to engage, you would want to make sure that they understand the nature of your business, along with the support you need during an initial consultation. Many law firms will do an initial consultation without charging you anything.

Letting go of negative notions about law companies: Law companies are notorious for being self-interested, charging too much, and having nefarious intentions for the business. Picking the right lawyer means hiring one that is profoundly dedicated to their work and go out of their way to provide service to their clients. However, it will largely depend on how capable you are to abandon these negative thoughts and have positive mindset in building a working relationship.

Building a working relationship: As soon as you have chosen the right law firm to incorporate your business, it is important to build an effective relationship with him/her through time. You will start reaching out to your lawyer for guidance and counsel on non-substantive or substantive matters alike. If you do not have a law firm in place, you will be opening your business door to great risk, and thus, you will be delayed or will have a barrier to take your business to the next level.

Looking for a law firm that works with your business vision: You can see thousands of lawyers in different cities, with thousands of varieties of lawyers. You would want to ensure that you would approach law firms that can determine with your business vision.

These are several tips that must be kept in mind in order to pick the right law firm to incorporate your business. If you need guidance for successful business, they will be the to lead you the way.

Copyright Laws and the Internet

Copyright Laws and the Internet

Today information is available freely through the internet. However, this doesn’t imply it’s a free copy. As internet user, you should know how copyright laws work on the internet. This article tries to explain just that. Read on…

General Principles

Similar legislation and principles governing hard-copy works apply to electronic material formats. The major difference is that, through their nature, internet or electronic materials are quite easy via networks to access, copy, manipulate, as well as distribute.

When you’re using material or information from the internet, it’s crucial to remember that, unless stated explicitly otherwise, most of such sources are subject to copyright restrictions, and are going to be the property of the copyright holder. Therefore, even when there’s no copyright statement on the information or materials you’re looking at, you shouldn’t take it for granted that it’s copyright-free. Among other things:

  • Always look for terms and conditions or copyright notices of use which are stated on resources themselves.
  • Just because it’s simple or easy to access, you shouldn’t assume the information posted on the internet is available freely to be used the way you choose.
  • You shouldn’t assume that if there’s no copyright notice on the information or material, it can be freely copied.
  • Copying somebody’s else web page to be tailored for your own purpose constitutes copyright infringement, unless you obtain permission.
  • Copyright applies to illustrations and logos together with text. You shouldn’t utilize these without permission.

Using Images

Know that images on the internet aren’t copyright-free. You should take care in their use. There are many sources of royalty-free pictures and images on the internet. And these sites will quite clearly state the terms and conditions of their use. And many of them are going to permit their work to be copied for noncommercial purposes. If it’s not clear from the site that the rights holder is happy for the image to be used for your specific purpose, always seek for permission prior to doing so.

You should acknowledge your source always.  Never change the image.


There might be several copyrights when it comes to screenshots. These include graphics and fonts among others. When utilizing these for learning and teaching purposes, you should avoid any change or alteration to the original and any kind of misleading labelling.


Care should be taken with the use of company logos, specifically where they are used when clicking through a web page. Note that such kind of use, without permission, is an infringement on the company’s trademark.

The Copyright, Designs & Patents Act (1998) allows people to make a single copy of some “reasonable proportion” of musical, literary, and artistic works for their own research or private studies for noncommercial purposes, under the terms of “fair dealing”.

Can You Own a Gun If You Have a DUI

Can You Own a Gun If You Have a DUI?

DUIs can leave a big stain on your public record and are detrimental to other things you might want to do in the future such as buying firearms and other weapons. Laws and regulations vary from state to state so it might be good to consult with those who are knowledgeable of the rules. A DUI can be charged under the category of a misdemeanor or a felony.

Therefore it is very difficult to determine whether the person convicted is able to make the purchase or not. It all depends on whether the person was convicted before, if there were others present in the car at the time, or if anyone was hurt or killed during the time you were driving. Typically, those charged with a DUI are not allowed to purchase or even own firearms. In other states there’s a certain amount of time that must pass before the offender is allowed to buy guns. Most states, however are very strict and offer little wiggle room.

There are a few instances however, that allow a person to buy weapons:

  1. If this is your first offense and no one was hurt during your drunken rampage, then you would be allowed to purchase a gun.
  2. If the allotted time has passed for you to abstain from purchasing firearms if you were forbidden to
  3. If the crime was charged as only a misdemeanor


These are the few exceptions a person has if any of the above applies to them. In the states of New York or Wyoming, if you get a DUI twice within ten years it is a charged as a felony. In other states like Texas and Georgia, you have two more chances before the crime reaches felony status. Texas also tends to use DUI for underage citizens, while DWI is for adults. For them, the first charge is a class B misdemeanor, the second is a class A, and the third constitutes a felony. Killing someone while driving or having a child present in the car also count as felonies. You cannot buy a gun before five years have passed if you were convicted at the beginning of this time frame. Buying weapons is risky business even without the convictions ruining your record and reputation. If you are looking to buy a gun or some other firearm, then perhaps you may want to rethink your choices the next time you are out drinking and partying with your friends.

Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the hardest challenges we possibly have to deal with in any criminal case is selecting a criminal defense attorney. For starters, many people often underestimate the gravity of their cases and would only give some thought to choosing a criminal defense attorney only when it is clear the ruling may be against their favor.

However, experts advise that regardless of how trivial your case may appear to be, choosing a criminal defense attorney is always a wise decision so in this article, we shall discuss some of the factors to consider when choosing such an attorney.

Are They Specialized in Civil or Criminal Cases?

It is important to begin by understanding the nature of charges preferred against you as defense attorneys are often specialized in that regard. Your case could either be a civil or a criminal one. A civil case refers to one brought against you by an individual or a company while a criminal case refers to one that is brought against you by a local, state or a federal government.

Understanding the expertise of a defense attorney with regards to either of these two cases will already give you a head start when approaching the case.

Are They Specialized in State or Federal Law?

Another major area of specialization is with regards to state or federal law and understudying the nature of your case with regards to either of these will help you select the best defense attorney for your case. As a general rule, state law refers to cases such as broken contracts, robberies, family feuds, traffic violations etc while federal law refers to cases such as constitutional violations for which your country is party, copyright infringement and intellectual property cases, patent cases etc.

Evidently federal cases require a more experienced attorney as they are considered more serious and in the event of a conviction, could have you spending many years behind bars.

Are They Specialized In Your Specific Case?

As a general rule, you should always look for a criminal defense attorney who concentrates his practice in a given area of defense that you require. Naturally, you will find many criminal lawyers who handle routine criminal defense cases but a specialized defense attorney is always a cut above the rest.

Do you need defense in a rape case? Is it a violence or burglary case? Are you a protagonist in a family feud or are you the main suspect in a homicide? These and many more are the kinds of questions you will need to settle with before selecting a lawyer specialized in the specific area.

What Is Your Financial Position?

Litigations are capital-intensive and as such, you need to be adequately prepared in terms of finances. In case you cannot afford the often high fees charged by defense attorneys, you may be entitled to a public defender. This is a defense attorney specialized in helping people with meager resources.

However, you need to be aware that as they also have limited time and resources to allocate to your case, they may not always be the best. This means that at all cost, you should try to consolidate some resources and ensure you hire a professional defense attorney if you are serious about increasing your chances of having the ruling made in your favor.

When Can Police Search Your Car?

When Can Police Search Your Car?

In the event that you are stopped by an officer you will want to be educated on your rights aso a citizen. That includes safeguarding your privacy, possessions, and dignity. If you happened to be stopped on the highway, then the officer may ask to search your vehicle. Police require a search warrant to be able to enter and investigate your home, but with a car they only need evidence that point to you as a criminal. So what if you’re not a criminal? Can they still force their way into your vehicle? Is there any way you can prevent this? Fortunately, yes.  Here is what to do if you get stopped.

You can explicitly say that the police officers do not have consent to search your car. The Fourth Amendment gives you the right to refuse searches. If officers decide to search your vehicle anyway without your say so or just for kicks, then it is considered illegal. However despite this, citizens shouldn’t expect the same amount of privacy that they would if they were in their house. The only time a policeman is allowed to go through your car is under the following circumstances:

  1. You gave him or her the okay to go through with it.
  2. The police officer has a suspicion that you are involved in criminal activity or that you are hiding drugs. For instance if they suspect you are smoking weed because your eyes are bloodshot and you seem high, or they smell alcohol emanating from your car and find your behavior to be strange (because you’re drunk).
  3. The police officer is wary of his own safety; i.e. you have a gun or other weapon hidden in your car.
  4. The officer already has a search warrant to interrogate you.
  5. You are under arrest or already arrested and the search is related to that arrest. For example if you are suspected of kidnapping someone, are in possession of drugs, or have any other illegal objects then they have the right to go through the vehicle.

Remember, if you are in the clear of everything except the first reason, then the only thing the officer needs to go through your automobile is your permission. Officers may try to get past this, by using loopholes such as making an “order” in the form of a request, “Hey, you don’t mind if we have a look inside do you?”, or they may use your naivety of the law or your rights as a way to get you to let them in. Even so, you have every right to refuse and if you give the okay you end up handing over your fourth amendment rights.

5 Reasons You May Need a Family Law Attorney During a Divorce

5 Reasons You May Need a Family Law Attorney During a Divorce

If you are seeking a divorce, you may feel the urge to do-it-yourself using court documents and following an online guideline. It may be possible to get a divorce by yourself, however, it is not advisable. It is not just about the separation, it is what you get out of it that matters. Here are five reasons why you need a family law attorney during a divorce:

1. Expert and objective advice during an emotional crisis:

A divorce is usually the peak of an emotional crisis. As a person, you may not be in the right shape of mind to make the best decisions for yourself. This is why you need a family law attorney to guide you. An attorney will make sure that you receive everything you deserve during your divorce irrespective of your emotional stability. In several cases, a spouse would be entitled to the future benefits of another spouse, for instance retirement benefits, only a family law attorney will ensure that you are not cheated during a divorce process.

2. You are unfamiliar with matrimonial law and divorce procedure:

Matrimonial law is complex. It involves a lot of concepts like spousal support, child custody, distribution of debts and future assets after divorce, e.t.c. Moreso, a divorce involves several complex procedures. As a person, you may not fully understand the intricacies of all these aspects of family law and procedures. That is why you need a competent family law attorney to guide you through a divorce process.

3. Prevention of mistakes in the estimation and sharing of family assets and liabilities:

Divorce involves a lot of paperwork and agreements. This is one vital reason why you need a family law attorney in order to prevent mistakes. There are several mistakes that can be made during a divorce process, one of them is underestimating the value of a future asset. There could be mistakes in how the debt burden is shared, insurance, e.t.c. This mistakes will come back to hurt you in future.  It is better to get a Divorce Attorney so as to prevent these mistakes from occurring.

4. A Family Law Attorney will reduce the stress involved in a divorce:

Divorce is usually stressful for the parties involved. The best way to reduce stress is to hire a competent family law attorney. An attorney will take care of all the processes from stage to stage, thereby making your divorce stress free.

5. Avoid delays:

Getting divorce on your own is not a recommended option. This is because, if you fill the paperwork incorrectly as a result of lack of experience, you will be required to start the process all over again. When you hire a family law attorney, you will eliminate delays and make the divorce final as fast as possible.