Can You Own a Gun If You Have a DUI?

DUIs can leave a big stain on your public record and are detrimental to other things you might want to do in the future such as buying firearms and other weapons. Laws and regulations vary from state to state so it might be good to consult with those who are knowledgeable of the rules. A DUI can be charged under the category of a misdemeanor or a felony.

Therefore it is very difficult to determine whether the person convicted is able to make the purchase or not. It all depends on whether the person was convicted before, if there were others present in the car at the time, or if anyone was hurt or killed during the time you were driving. Typically, those charged with a DUI are not allowed to purchase or even own firearms. In other states there’s a certain amount of time that must pass before the offender is allowed to buy guns. Most states, however are very strict and offer little wiggle room.

There are a few instances however, that allow a person to buy weapons:

  1. If this is your first offense and no one was hurt during your drunken rampage, then you would be allowed to purchase a gun.
  2. If the allotted time has passed for you to abstain from purchasing firearms if you were forbidden to
  3. If the crime was charged as only a misdemeanor


These are the few exceptions a person has if any of the above applies to them. In the states of New York or Wyoming, if you get a DUI twice within ten years it is a charged as a felony. In other states like Texas and Georgia, you have two more chances before the crime reaches felony status. Texas also tends to use DUI for underage citizens, while DWI is for adults. For them, the first charge is a class B misdemeanor, the second is a class A, and the third constitutes a felony. Killing someone while driving or having a child present in the car also count as felonies. You cannot buy a gun before five years have passed if you were convicted at the beginning of this time frame. Buying weapons is risky business even without the convictions ruining your record and reputation. If you are looking to buy a gun or some other firearm, then perhaps you may want to rethink your choices the next time you are out drinking and partying with your friends.