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Two Years Ago…

Written by Amy Khalaf on March 19, 2012:

March 20, 2012 – Two Years Ago…
Tomorrow is our two-year wedding anniversary. Two years of marriage! As I say it out loud it doesn’t begin to encompass the whirlwind of change that has taken over our lives since becoming a married couple. I remember getting engaged and thinking that we felt like such a solid couple; that Alex and I and our dogs were a family. We felt that marriage was the best way to celebrate our bond, and the family we had created. I lay in bed tonight, on the eve of our two year wedding anniversary, and I am laughing at us.

I naively thought that getting married was just about starting a new family. I never stopped to think that getting married also meant joining our families. Becoming a family has meant holding hands through everything we encounter.

In these two married years we have seen home remodeling, job promotions, inseminations, more doctors visits than I can count, an earthquake, weddings, lawyers, name changes, deaths, and most importantly, a birth. Blending our lives these two years has prepared us for our biggest adventure yet, having our daughter.

I am going to sleep tonight knowing that I could not feel any prouder of us. We have grown more than I ever could have imagined. Especially now, with a ten week old baby (who will hopefully let us sleep tonight), we are relying on each other in ways I never dreamed possible. In two years, I couldn’t feel any prouder to be Mrs. Alex Khalaf. I Love my wife more each day.

-Amy Khalaf

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